Brightening Your Life’s Path


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The purpose of this spiritual ebook is to introduce and navigate you to the five WingMakers sites, to accelerate and expand your consciousness and to share a vision of the profound discoveries that await humanity.

I believe the WingMakers materials can quicken your evolution. As you explore the material your unique purpose and mission will be revealed to you.

I consider the WingMakers materials the most profound spiritual content on the internet and its anonymous creator James our greatest visionary writer as he integrates art, music, poetry and philosophy.

I hope that you will find my personal story compelling and inspiring because here can begin your own journey of hope, transformation and peace of mind.

Welcome to WingMakers and to Brightening Your Life’s Path!


A brilliant book, highly recommended. A credit to Mark for sharing his vision…what is within mind, heart and soul. Truly grateful.”  –Tammie Szadurski

Book ordered! I am completely captivated after reading the free preview.”  –Elizabeth Dillon

I am reading Brightening Your Life’s Path and it puts a humanness to reading the WingMakers materials and makes it easy to read with all the links right on your iPhone.”  –Jonathan Szetho