Wingmakers: The Most Incredible Website I Have Ever Explored

Event Strings – wonderful serendipitous occurrences that have improved and enriched my life. Five events in 49 days, January 30-March 18, 2008 (seven weeks exactly) that have positively, and over the rest of my life, will profoundly impact who I am and how I live and express myself. Of all my event strings, finding out about the Wingmakers material will prove to be the most powerful of them all. continue reading


Wingmakers: My 4th Event String – Educating the World About the Universal Shift

Get ready to read the most inspiring page you have ever read in your life at The Soul Connection Network. There are some incredible statements on this page, words that resonate deep within my own soul as Truth, as a beautiful, inspiring Truth. A message of good news, of great news for all of us. Here are some examples: continue reading


Wingmakers: The Grand Portal Discovery

“This Grand Portal [our soul] discovery [written about in last weeks blog] is not unlike when oceanographers first began to survey the ocean’s depths and discovered new species of life where it was thought impossible for life to exist. A similar phenomenon – but far more profound – will occur in about 80 years as science and soul collide, and the reality of a near infinite variety of life forms beyond the physical dimension are discovered and shared by all.” continue reading


Event Strings That Will Make Our Earth’s Shift Inevitable

James, the author of the Wingmakers material, recently released his first audio interview (part 1 and part 2). One of the topics discussed was 2012, a major transition year in the shift from a mind to a heart centered species. James said that only 1 in 3,000 or 10-12 million people will actually feel, experience the shift that will happen in 2012. continue reading


The Spiritual Tipping Point and My Last Blog on WingMakers…for Now

FYI – in last weeks blog I mentioned that James from WingMakers had produced his first audio program. The transcript is now available, Part I and Part 2.

Continuing from last week’s blog, additional insights into the Spiritual Tipping Point come from Dr. David Hawkins, author of Power vs. Force. Dr. Hawkins writes about a Map State of Consciousness, where the levels of consciousness range from 1 – 1,000. At the bottom of the scale consciousness is shame, guilt and fear and the top levels of consciousness are the bliss and unity of Buddha, Krishna and Jesus. Your level of consciousness can be measured using kinesiology (muscle testing).

He states that one person living in optimism counterbalances the negativity of 90,000 people, one person living in pure love counterbalances 750,000, one living in peace counterbalances 10 million and one person living in pure spirit counterbalances the negativity of 70 million people, which brings us back to the Spiritual Tipping Point. 1% of 1% of the world’s population experiencing higher states of consciousness creates a critical mass causing a powerful, profound, positive change in the world.

Now let’s look at WingMakers, the most thought-provoking website on the Internet, and see what James has to say about these positive changes. I could blog about this site for months and months, perhaps years, but I choose not to focus exclusively on this topic.. So, before we leave WingMakers for a while let me quickly review the two main purposes of the site plus a quick peek into infinity. 1) Lead us to the irrefutable scientific discovery of the Wholeness Navigator, our Soul. This event is called The Grand Portal and ushers in profound change to all sectors of the population. 2) Help us join the galactic community.

The Wholeness Navigator (Soul) is the heart of human life. It is our core wisdom. It is a replica of First Source (God) vibrating at the same frequency and capable of the same feats of consciousness. The Grand Portal is the apex discovery of humanity, placing us in a position to embrace all dimensions of the multiverse while existing in the third dimension.

Now, for our peek into infinity. First, let’s look at a picture of the Grand Physical Universe and its seven universes. Next let’s look at the WingMakers Cosmology, focusing on the box in the lower right hand corner. Let’s do the math.

11 dimensions, 7 SuperUniverses, averaging 280 Billion galaxies per SuperUniverse, averaging 108 life-bearing planets per galaxy. If my math’s correct that’s close to 212 Trillion life-bearing planets. WOW, now that’s what I call the infinity of space and the abundance of life and that’s without factoring in the 11 dimensions since I have no idea how that might impact the final count! Beautiful! Inspiring! Incredible! And to think that just a little over 500 years ago it was believed that the world was flat, earth was the center of the universe and we were alone as the only living beings in the universe.

Next week, my fifth event string: Iana Lahi.


Measuring Infinity and Why It’s Such A Thrill for Me and God

I just couldn’t help myself! One more mention about WingMakers before we move on. This mention was inspired by something I read on the site and I’m calling it Measuring Infinity. Put a laser on the Hubble Space Telescope and shoot a light probe deep into space. At the point where the beam ends measure the length of that laser beam and times it by the largest number you know and you have just measured one cell in the body of God.

Speaking of infinity and eternity I made a mistake on last week’s blog when I said that the WingMakers Cosmology indicated that there are close to 212 trillion life-bearing planets in the Grand Physical Universe. I miscalculated, I understated the number of life-bearing planets. It’s close to 212 Zillion, as in 211,680,000,000,000,000 not trillion. Zillion as in 7 x 280 billion x108 (7 superuniverses x 280 billion galaxies per superuniverse x 108 life-bearing planets per galaxy). Sorry.

Why does the WingMakers Cosmology get me so excited? What is it about infinity and eternity that humbles and inspires me? It’s simple. It helps me have a better understanding of who I am. It helps me answer the three questions from childhood, “Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? just as this cosmology helped God. The first thought of God was, “Can I become many?” and as you can see and experience he did. His second thought was, “I am many can I become one?” This quest for unity and wholeness is what this cosmology inspires in me as it inspired God to dance the cosmic dance (The Dance of Shiva, Shiva nataraj, the dance of destruction and creation) from one to many and back to one again. Then the whole dance begins again as the original question of many arises within the one again (my understanding of eternity). I too aspire to become one. It’s my destiny, our destiny, encoded in our DNA to experience the many, to experience the joy and bliss of the multiverse and then to become one (consciousness becoming conscious of itself).

As Malcolm Gladwell put it in The Tipping Point, “tipping points are the levels at which the momentum becomes unstoppable” I’m a “sneezer” for the WingMakers material. I’m helping direct people to the site. Are you interested in starting a WingMakers chat room, master mind group? If you are please let me know in Leave a Reply below or e-mail me at Thank you.

Mark Riesenberg, founder of Human Resources Unlimited, is a business and spiritual coach, author of How to Stop Whining and Start Winning and a renowned keynote, workshop leader and speaker. His second book, Where Success & Spirit Meet will be out in 2009. Click here for a partial client list and for testimonials.


What Comes to Me Flows Through Me

My Call to Comment: E-Mail me,, or Leave a Reply below and let me know if you would like to be in our WingMakers master mind group. Together we’ll explore what many have called, “the most thought-provoking site on the internet”. Once we have a group of five we can start working out the details of when and how often. Thank you. We’d love to have you join us.

I’m finding my spiritual voice through blogging. I don’t consider myself a great writer but a good writer. A good writer at capturing my passion and enthusiasm for what I’m wriiting. I hope you’re catching my passion. The WingMakers material is making it easy for me to write enthusiastically. The material has definitely expanded my vision and understanding of who we truly are as a species. It’s a whole new cosmology that I’m embracing. It’s inspiring and liberating. It’s a broader truth I’m discovering and experiencing.

A beautiful aspect about the WingMakers site, is that you can enter it frrom so many different pathways, different points of personal interest. It’s like a building with entrances at four corners and on different floors. You enter at your most convenient point, the point where you’re intuitively drawn. Your entrance could be through a novel, visual art, music, poetry, philosophy or mythology.

I was introduced to WingMakers by my good friend, Don Campbell (refer to the July 2, 2008 blog) through the Six Virtues of the heart entrance, The Art of the Genuine. Don has made a total commitment to living in his heart center. I found the six virtues interesting and inspiring but it wasn’t until I entered the doorway of The Soul Connection Network that I was fully drawn in the WingMakers material -  “the irrefutable scientific discovery of the human soul” – an actual event that will happen around 2080 called The Grand Portal.  When I read that I was offically hooked, I knew that I had found a special site, one that talked to my spiritual thirst directly. Nothing has had as profound an impact on my thinking, feeling, believing and taking action since I heard Maharishi speak back in 1971. The WingMakers material never disappoints. The deeper I go into the material the more my heart sings from the wonderful insights I keep on gaining. This is the world view, the spiritual perspective that’s going to propell me for the rest of my life.

And just today I found another site that does a phenomenal job of introducing WingMakers. That’s the beauty of WingMakers, it directs you to so many other companion sites that are equally inspiring. Go to, scroll down and you’ll find in the right hand column a 15-page pdf article, WingMakers Introduction. I could barely contain my wonder and excitement as I was reading. A great thank you to John Berges for his site and for this introduction.

Next blog we’ll go into some of the principles John wrote about in his introduction. Get ready for a mind and a heart expanding experience.

Mark Riesenberg, founder of Human Resources Unlimited, is a business and spiritual coach, author of How to Stop Whining and Start Winning and a renowned keynote, workshop leader and speaker. His second book, Where Success & Spirit Meet will be out in 2009. Click here for a partial client list and for testimonials.


A Broader Truth

OK, after exploring the WingMakers site since March (how appropriate, Marching forward and inward), 2008 here are the three most powerful entrances to the WingMakers material: WingMakers Intro Text, the WingMakers Introduction, (scroll to WingMakers Introduction, PDF article) and The Story of the Central Race. Note: The last two links are not part of the WingMakers site but have a very close alliance and will give you great, inspiring insights into the WingMakers and their purpose, which is intimately linked to our purpose.

WingMakers is a multimedia presentation of music, visual art, a novel, poetry, philosophy papers and articles. The site went up November 23, 1998 and there’s a lot of material that’s been added with a lot more to come. Using John Berges’ WingMakers Introduction (the same introduction as the link above) as a resource I read that there are 161 philosophy papers in all, but to date only four have been released to the public. The glossary is now 13 pages and in its entirety will be close to 300 pages. The novel is said to be 1,000 pages and only 259 pages have been published. There are also 14 Dr. Neruda interviews (I’ll introduce Dr. Neruda in an upcoming blog) and only 4 (and they are fascinating!) interviews have been published. As you can see an enormous amount of writing remains unpublished. Cool! What Fun!! (these last three words are my own comment).

With each new link/download that I explore I find my personal, worldly and universal horizons expanding and expanding. And I must admit that all of it, that’s right, all of it is resonanting as Truth for me. The reason I feel it’s important to share this with you, that I’m totally embracing this material, is because some of the future blogs will definitely be on the edge, will be what many people might consider, “out there”. My heart’s telling me to embrace it all and I am. WingMakers is a benevolent world view very consistent with the 40 year spiritual journey that I’ve been on. It interlocks perfectly with my spiritual view while opening my eyes wider and completing my personal philosophy. It’s filling in the missing details and subtleties. It’s also consistent with the ageless wisdom, the perennial philosophy.

In the next few blogs I’ll be sharing what were the highlights for me in John Berges’ introduction and The Story of the Central Race by Teka Luttrell and then we’ll roll right into Dr. Neruda.

Mark Riesenberg, founder of Human Resources Unlimited, is a business and spiritual coach, author of     How to Stop Whining and Start Winning and a renowned keynote, workshop leader and speaker. His second book, Where Success & Spirit Meet will be out in 2009. Click here for a partial client list and for testimonials.


The Sovereign Integral and the Next Three Generations

What is within the 90-99% of our potential that is not being realized? Here are two interesting quotes from the creator of the WingMakers site that can give us an idea of what lies within: “I am a multidimensional being who lives simultaneously in a spectrum of realities. In my dominant reality I am known as Mahu Nahi, (page 54) in your world I am known as James.” (Note: James, as our regular readers know, is the anonymous author of the WingMakers site). Another quote from James: “The Soul may simultaneously inhabit a thousand human bodies spread across 200,000 years of linear time.”

This is what awaits us. The full integration of our 1,000 divine sparks. Our full integration. This state of consciousness, state of Being, is known by the name, Sovereign Integral. Scroll down to the definition in the WingMakers glossary link (it’s the 4th definition). I see myself more and more as your navigator through WingMakers. Directing you, simplifying their message about our origin and destiny and finding transformation techniques for you to apply.

The sensory data streams of music, art and poetry of the WingMakers material is primarily for the first three generations of the 21st century. These sensory data streams are encoded with vibrations of light and sound to awaken our Higher Self, our Sovereign Integral.  Considering each generation to be 20-25 years, one Sovereign Integral will be realized in the first 25 years of the 21st century. This Sovereign Integral will be the catalyst for 1,000 Sovereign Integrals to realize themselves from 2026-2050 and then from 2051-2075 a million Sovereign Integrals will be realized.  When the Grand Portal (scroll to 8th definition) is discovered around 2080, which is the irrefutable scientific discovery of the human soul, there will be a very receptive audience waiting, receiving, embracing and spreading the beauty of this discovery throughout our planet.

And for those of us born before 2000, here’s our destiny. Many of us will reincarnate over the next 100 years. No one will be left behind from the experience of the Golden Age that has been prophesied and is oh so close.

In our next blog we will explore the techniques of transformation contained in the music, art and poetry of the WingMakers.

Mark Riesenberg, founder of Human Resources Unlimited, is a business and spiritual coach, author of How to Stop Whining and Start Winning and a renowned keynote, workshop leader and speaker. His second book, Where Success & Spirit Meet, will be published in 2009. Click here for a partial client list and for testimonials.


Transformational Techniques

We have come to an important crossroads in our investigation of the WingMakers material. We are now going to go into much greater detail explaining some very subtle and deep philosophy. Over the next several blogs I will be describing principles that are designed to help align you with higher states of consciousness. In reading Chamber Philosophy 1 and Chamber Philosophy 4 from WingMakers I have learned six different techniques to improve your life, to expand and accelerate your transformational experience. In the next three blogs we will focus on three particular life principles and after that we’ll focus on how the music, art and poetry from WingMakers will and can serve you.  The first three principles we’ll explore are: 1) Universe relationship through gratitude, 2) Observance of Source in all things and 3) Nuturance of life.

Universe Relationship through Gratitude: There are only two things in the entire cosmos: The individual and the Universe. And just as we know individuals have personalities the Universe is also as knowable as a friend’s personality and behavior. The principle of universe relationship through gratitude is primairly concerned with consciously designing one’s self image through an appreciation of the Universe as a partner in expressing one’s life. This process of the interchange of supportive energy from the individual to the Universal is best applied through an appreciation of how perfect the interchange occurs in every moment of life. When you are aware of how perfect the Universe supports you, there is a powerful and natural sense of gratitude that flows from you to the Universe. It is principally gratitude, which translates to an appreciation of how you and the Universe operate, that opens you to the higher frequencies, perceptions and expression of life. This relationship, of you and the Universe, more than anything else determines how accepting you are to life’s myriad forms and manifestations.

Life becomes an exchange of energy between you and the Universe that is allowed to play out without judgment or fear. This is the meaning of unconditional love: to experience life in all its manifestations as a single, unified intelligence that responds perfectly to you.  The feeling of gratitude and appreciation is expressed like an invisible message in all directions and at all times. Every breath, every word, every touch, every thought, every thing is centered on expressing this sense of gratitude. A gratitude that we are supported by a Universal energy with the sole objective to create an ideal reality for us.

Time is the only factor that distorts this otherwise clear connection. Time intervenes and creates pockets of despair and hopelessness. However, it is these very “pockets” that lead us to our destiny, our ultimate journey’s end of harmony. This doesn’t mean there are no problems or discomforts, rather it signifies that all life experiences are meaningful. Gratitude is a critical facet of love and our life must flow from this higher state of energy in order to create lasting joy and peace.

Next week we’ll look at how observance of Source in all things builds on our gratitude and helps make our life more and more powerful.

Mark Riesenberg, founder of Human Resources Unlimited since 1987, is a business and spiritual coach, author of How to Stop Whining and Start Winning and a renowned keynote, workshop leader and speaker. His second book, Where Success & Spirit Meet will be published in 2009. Click here for a partial client list and for testimonials.