Book 1: My Spiritual Adventure

“Flow in compassion, release what is divine,
like cells awakening we spark the others who walk beside us.
We brighten the path.”

EventTemple Session: Brightening the Path, an interpretive guide

Book One: My Spiritual Adventure
This 32-page eBook is a FREE offer to anyone who wants to know more about me, Mark Riesenberg, the author of the three eBooks.  In addition to a brief autobiography, this book gives you enough introductory links to WingMakers/Lyricus to powerfully get you started.

Table of Contents

Chapter I: My Spiritual Adventure

  • My Spiritual Story
  • Growing Up Happy
  • The Transcendental Meditation Years

Chapter II: My Introduction to WingMakers

  • The Don, Uno & the Wall of Overwhelm
  • You Had Me at Hello
  • Cancer and Bankruptcy
  • To Provide Guidance to Mankind: The Story Behind the Title

Chapter III: Your Introduction to WingMakers

  • An Infinity of Pathways
  • Recommendations on Where to Begin
  • The Two Approaches
    1. The See Where Spirit Takes You Approach
    2. The Quick, Dive Right In Approach