Book 2: To Provide Guidance to Mankind

“The WingMakers materials are as much a spiritual revelation
as a mind-expanding adventure into the
profound discoveries that await humanity.”

–from the WingMakers homepage

Book Two: To Provide Guidance to Mankind
This 74-page book is the centerpiece of the three books. Buy this book, and you also receive a password that gives you access to the third book in this series, Brightening the Path.

In To Provide Guidance to Mankind  I take each link from My Spiritual Adventure and highlight each link. This will help you to easily navigate the four sites, and the highlights will lead you to what I consider the most powerful, the most inspiring material you will find in today’s world.

This book is designed to encourage you to go deeper into the material, and to discover your own highlights.

Table of Contents

Chapter I: A Profound Vision

  • An Infinity of Pathways
  • The Story Behind the Title
  • First Source Transmissions
    • My Central Message
    • My Central Purpose
    • My Central Revelation
  • Who is James?
  • Event Strings
  • Sovereign Integral
  • The Ancient Arrow Novel

Chapter II: Four Recommended Approaches

  1. The See Where Spirit Takes You Approach
  2. The Quick, Dive Right In Approach
  3. The Step-by-Step Systematic Approach
    A. Introduction to WingMakers & Lyricus: A Film
    B. The Grand Portal
    C. A PowerPoint Introduction to WingMakers
    D. WingMakers: An Introduction to a New Teaching
    E. The Story of the Central Race
    F. The Energetic Heart
    G. The Art of the Genuine
    H-K. The Four James Interviews
    Suppression of the Sovereign Integral
    Quantum Pause
  4. The 2-3-1 Approach

Chapter III: Q & A + FAQ

Chapter IV: Why Three Books and What’s in Book Three?

  • Why Three Books?
  • What is in Book Three?