Book 3: Brightening the Path

Book Three: Brightening the Path
This 189-page book provides you with hundreds of additional highlights. I offer it as a separate book to minimize and hopefully eliminate your experience of overwhelm, because this material can be overwhelming.

I simply don’t want you to miss a thing. I want to give you the opportunity to resonate with this material, and for you to decide what to integrate into your life, as a philosophy, as a daily practice.

My intention is that the combination of the three books will introduce you to a whole new world of personal development, cosmology, and spirituality. The application of these materials will assist in the creation of a collective consciousness, and our introduction to our galactic, multidimensional family.

Table of Contents

Chapter I: The Lyricus Teaching Order

  • Introduction
  • Music Introduction
  • The WingMakers Document
  • Excerpts from Liminal Cosmogony
    • The Development of a Species
    • The Outward Disclosures of Lyricus
    • The Findings of the Grand Portal
    • Implications and Effects of the Grand Portal
    • Developmental Shifts
  • Introduction to FAQ’s in
  • Section I: Relationship of Lyricus to Human Species
  • Section II: Lyricus Teachers and Methodologies

Chapter II: The Six Lyricus Discourses

  • Lyricus Discourse 1: Experiencing the Wholeness Navigator
  • Lyricus Discourse 2: Calling For the the Wholeness Navigator
  • Lyricus Discourse 3: The Nature of Knowledge
  • Lyricus Discourse 4: Universe Relationship
  • Lyricus Discourse 5: The Interface Zone
  • Lyricus Discourse 6: Techniques of the Intuitive Intelligence

Chapter III: Event Temples

  • Introduction: Sarah Interviewing James
  • Our Journey Through the Temples – James’ Notes Archive (6)
  • Entering the Three EVT’s
    • EVT Session 1: Sharing Light
    • EVT Session 2: Brightening the Path and its guide
    • EVT Session 3: Spiritual Activism and its guide
  • The Three Downloads
    • Living from the Heart
    • When-Which-How Practice Guide
    • The Rising Heart

Chapter IV: Lyricus: The First Ten Years, a paper by John Berges

Chapter V: The Neruda Interviews (4)

Chapter VI: WingMakers’ Philosophy

  • Chamber One: Life Principles of the Sovereign Integral
  • Chamber Two: The Shifting Models of Existence
  • Chamber Three: The Blueprint of Exploration
  • Chamber Four: Beliefs and Their Energy Systems

Appendix A: A Recap of the Consciousness Expanding Techniques of Lyricus Highlighted in Books 2 and 3 of this series

Appendix B: My Favorite WingMakers Music

Appendix C: Everybody Loves a Secret

Appendix D: DVD: Meditations in TimeSpace