Eight Techniques, Energy System Shifts & Tributary Zones

The deeper I get into WingMakers the more and more incredible things I find. Information about our origins and destiny and eight transformation techniques, this is what I have found so far, to awaken our full potential.

The eight transformation techniques are the four that I covered in the last four blogs, 9/19, 9/27, 10/4, 10/9 and the four coming up over the next several weeks. The four coming up are uncovering the mystery and magic behind the music, visual art and poetry of WingMakers and the six heart virtues, Appreciation, Compassion, Forgiveness, Humility, Understanding and Valor, which may be the most powerful personal development system of all. I’ll then write about the Shifting Models of Existence and the galactic and plantary Tributary Zones.

All of the techniques and principles are playing a key role in the Great Awakening, which is the unfolding of our species potential as individuals and as a co-creative, collective community. This is all gathering momentum now and is inevitably leading to the irrefutable scientific discovery of the human soul, known as the Grand Portal. This event will happen in or near 2080.

Then we’ll take a look at the Dr. Neruda interviews that write about secret government agencies and extraterrestrial realities and influences. So, that’s a preview of things to come.

Mark Riesenberg, founder of Human Resources Unlimited since 1987 is a business and spiritual coach, author of How to Stop Whining and Start Winning and a renowned keynote, workshop leader and speaker. His second book, Where Success & Spirit Meet will be published in 2009. Click here for a partial client list and for testimonials.


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