Humanity will emerge like a river of light
from what was once an impenetrable fog.

–decoded from Chamber 12

The Grand Portal, the irrefutable scientific discovery of the human soul.
The Greatest Discovery in Human History.
Profound Changes Await Us.
Something is Going to Happen. Something Wonderful.

This is the most exciting material you will ever read.
Its practical application is the realization
of your full potential, your/our cosmic destiny.

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The Three eBook Series:

My Spiritual Adventure

To Provide Guidance to Mankind

Brightening the Path

will accelerate and expand your consciousness, your personal power, and your happiness.

I wrote this series for four reasons:

  1. To introduce more people to the WingMakers site.
  2. To navigate and simplify your journey through the four related sites.
  3. To help in the discovery of the Grand Portal, and the creation of a collective consciousness.
  4. For the three eBooks to be a commercial success.

The materials in the four sites are positively life changing. You will be amazed at the insights you will gain into the purpose and vastness of life.

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