Please consider this book a resource to brighten your life’s path. We will start with my personal story then segue to WingMakers and how the material has helped me and how I believe it can help you.

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I am big on K.I.S.S; Keeping It Short & Simple. My hope, my intention is that first you get to know me. Then that this book easily and simply introduces and navigates you through the WingMakers sites that I consider to be the most profound spiritual content on the internet. Currently there are five websites.

I wrote this book for five reasons (or at least five that I am aware of):

1. For the expansion and acceleration of my consciousness
2. To help in the expansion and acceleration of your consciousness
3. To introduce and navigate you through the Lyricus/WingMakers materials
4. To help more people be aware of the Lyricus/WingMakers websites and materials.
5. For this e-Book to be a commercial success (yes, I have sales goals).

This book is not a commentary on the WingMakers materials. It is an introduction. My being introduced to the WingMakers website, on March 8, 2008 brought my spiritual insights to a whole new level. I better understand who we are as a species and where we are going. The personal development tools have definitely accelerated and expanded my experience of consciousness.

There is an exciting shift, transition, transformation, awakening happening within our species on this planet. This book can help you better understand and resonate with this shift, a shift from being a mind-centered species, which we have been for thousands of generations, to a heart-centered species.

It is my opinion that trillions of souls are thirsting to incarnate on earth because of the incredible galactic changes that are now occurring and will continue to occur leading up to the discovery of the Grand Portal around the year 2080.

This book is designed to help you to understand and to experience, to be an important part of this sea change of consciousness.

What do I find so interesting about WingMakers?”
My answer: Their vision and tools.

© Wingmakers, 2011. All Rights Reserved.

Specifically, two paradigms that are in the vision, the Grand Portal which is the irrefutable* scientific discovery of the human soul, and the Sovereign Integral consciousness, and two personal development tools, the Six Heart Virtues: Appreciation, Compassion, Forgiveness, Humility, Understanding, Valor, and the Quantum Pause breathing technique that is fully explained in this book.

*My Comment: Some people tell me that they do not feel comfortable with the use of the word irrefutable when speaking about the discovery of the human soul. Holding a pen in my hand, I let it go, and say: “Just as the Law of Gravity is irrefutable that this pen will fall when I let it go, so the discovery and the scientific investigation of the human soul in the finest labs of our world will be equally irrefutable.”

This discovery will be embraced and integrated into our understanding of who we are and how we act towards our fellow humans. The impact of this discovery will be far reaching on the four quarters of power, as James, the anonymous creator of the WingMakers materials calls culture, science, government and religion.

Note: When I first read about the Grand Portal, my heart resonated, “YES! This is true!” That was enough irrefutable proof for me. I understand that many people need more than just a resonant feeling, a belief to stand as proof.

All four pieces of the vision and tools have profoundly, positively and powerfully changed my life. My improvements center on the acceleration and expansion of consciousness. The greatest result of embracing the WingMakers cosmology/philosophy and integrating the tools into my life is that I am more awake when I am awake, I enjoy life more. I have brightened my life’s path.

There are many components to the vision and many tools. Here is the Ultimate K.I.S.S; I am of the opinion that by understanding, applying, and mastering the Six Heart Virtues and the Quantum Pause you are capturing the essence of the Lyricus material. James says that by living and expressing the six heart virtues you are doing more for yourself and our planet than the greatest masters and teachers.

Note: John Berges, in his article, Lyricus: The First Ten Years, explains why we refer to this content as the Lyricus material. I like to refer to it as the Lyricus/WingMakers materials to cover all bases.

In this book you will learn about the Grand Portal, the Sovereign Integral, the Quantum Pause, the Six Heart Virtues and so much more.

The Lyricus/WingMakers materials are a must for all seekers of truth. A Must! It will bring your understanding of who we are, and your purpose in life to the next level. This material will draw you into the incredible changes, shift, transition, transformation that has begun and will continue throughout the 21st century and beyond.

I envy that you are at the beginning of this journey because of all the wonderful knowledge and exciting experiences that await you. It truly is a grand adventure.

This book was born of the desire to assist others. I am here to help you on your way. I am honored and humbled to be able to play a role in your self-realization. Thank you.

“It is a goal of Lyricus to provide frameworks in which students of its works can empower themselves to be agents of spiritual awakening, align to the earth’s ascendancy, and assist earth and the beings upon her in this dimensional transition.” — James’ Foreword: The Rising Heart