Measuring Infinity and Why It’s Such A Thrill for Me and God

I just couldn’t help myself! One more mention about WingMakers before we move on. This mention was inspired by something I read on the site and I’m calling it Measuring Infinity. Put a laser on the Hubble Space Telescope and shoot a light probe deep into space. At the point where the beam ends measure the length of that laser beam and times it by the largest number you know and you have just measured one cell in the body of God.

Speaking of infinity and eternity I made a mistake on last week’s blog when I said that the WingMakers Cosmology indicated that there are close to 212 trillion life-bearing planets in the Grand Physical Universe. I miscalculated, I understated the number of life-bearing planets. It’s close to 212 Zillion, as in 211,680,000,000,000,000 not trillion. Zillion as in 7 x 280 billion x108 (7 superuniverses x 280 billion galaxies per superuniverse x 108 life-bearing planets per galaxy). Sorry.

Why does the WingMakers Cosmology get me so excited? What is it about infinity and eternity that humbles and inspires me? It’s simple. It helps me have a better understanding of who I am. It helps me answer the three questions from childhood, “Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? just as this cosmology helped God. The first thought of God was, “Can I become many?” and as you can see and experience he did. His second thought was, “I am many can I become one?” This quest for unity and wholeness is what this cosmology inspires in me as it inspired God to dance the cosmic dance (The Dance of Shiva, Shiva nataraj, the dance of destruction and creation) from one to many and back to one again. Then the whole dance begins again as the original question of many arises within the one again (my understanding of eternity). I too aspire to become one. It’s my destiny, our destiny, encoded in our DNA to experience the many, to experience the joy and bliss of the multiverse and then to become one (consciousness becoming conscious of itself).

As Malcolm Gladwell put it in The Tipping Point, “tipping points are the levels at which the momentum becomes unstoppable” I’m a “sneezer” for the WingMakers material. I’m helping direct people to the site. Are you interested in starting a WingMakers chat room, master mind group? If you are please let me know in Leave a Reply below or e-mail me at Thank you.

Mark Riesenberg, founder of Human Resources Unlimited, is a business and spiritual coach, author of How to Stop Whining and Start Winning and a renowned keynote, workshop leader and speaker. His second book, Where Success & Spirit Meet will be out in 2009. Click here for a partial client list and for testimonials.


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