Nurturance of Life

I have discovered eight transformation techniques (so far) in my exploration of the WingMakers site. In our last two blogs we investigated gratitude and observance of First Source in all things. This blog is dedicated to the technique of Nurturance in Life. These three principle’s help you to feel and experience the higher frequencies of spirit, your Higher Self.

There is never closure to life or a final chapter written. It is eternal in that life is ever expanding. The nurturance of life is the principle that an individual is in alignment with the natural expansion of intelligence inherent within all life. This is the flow of energy towards its ultimate expression. The action of nurturing is performed without judgment, analysis or attachment to outcome. It is simply the nurturing of the energy that flows from and supports all expressions of life. There is no energy that is misdirected or unworthy of nurturance. Even energy of “evil intent” is flowing in search of a higher expression. All forms of energy can be nurtured and supported and this is the fundamental action of this principle.

Energy is intelligent, it’s always inspiring life with the motive to expand and evolve. Life-energy is always in a state of becoming. Our primary purpose as a species is to expand the life-energy, transform it to new levels of expression. My teacher, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi called this the natural tendency, the natural tendency of life to always be moving towards more and more. More energy, more peace, more joy. The nurturance of life is critical to both personal and universal growth. As we awaken to our creative power to change and expand energy it is with this clear intent of gentle support that we become transmitters and architects of Source Reality (15th definition), which is where First Source (5th definition) exists. Source Reality is the dimension of consciousness that is always pushing the envelope of expansion.

Through the ongoing application of 1) Universe relation through gratitude, 2) Observance of Source in all things and 3) Nuturance of life, Source Intelligence (11th definition) increasingly becomes our core identity, and the main purpose of this identity is to express these three life principle’s. This state of consciousness is called the Sovereign Integral (4th definition).

In this state of consciousness you express, experience and know that all life is pure love, that all life exists forever. This becomes the major belief from which all other beliefs arise. Your belief system emerges with a clear intent to nurture, observe and appreciate the Universe of Wholeness (13th definition).

These three life principles stir awake the embers of light that tirelessly burn within. They are intentions that attract experience that expand consciousness. They do not provide quick fixes or instant realizations. Their transformative power is contained exclusively in the intent of their application. Through these life principles you can become a master of unlimiting the Self. They accelerate the emergence of the Sovereign Integral. This is the underlying purpose of the principles and perhaps the best reason to explore them.

Mark Riesenberg, founder of Human Resources Unlimited since 1987, is a business and spiritual coach, author of Stop Whining and Start Winning and a renowned keynote, workshop leader and speaker. His second book, Where Success & Spirit Meet will be published in 2009. Click here for a client list and for testimonials.


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