Table of Contents


Introduction: Why This Book?

Chapter I: My Spiritual Adventure

  • My Spiritual Story
  • Growing Up Happy
  • The Transcendental Meditation (TM) Years

Chapter II: My Introduction to WingMakers

  • The Don, Uno & the Wall of Overwhelm
  • You Had Me at Hello

Chapter III: Diabetes, Cancer, Bankruptcy, Heart Attack, Foreclosure

Chapter IV: Your Introduction to WingMakers

  • An Infinity of Pathways: Conquering the Wall of Overwhelm
  • Introducing You to WingMakers Layer-by-Layer
    1. Total Freedom: Wherever Spirit Takes You
    2. Navigation Tips

Chapter V: Revealing the Wisdom of This Man Called James

  • Lyricus Discourses
  • Chamber Philosophies
  • The Interviews

Chapter VI:,,

Chapter VII: Q & A, FAQ

Chapter VIII: Nooks & Crannies You Do Not Want to Miss

Appendices A – E and End Notes