The Sovereign Integral and the Next Three Generations

What is within the 90-99% of our potential that is not being realized? Here are two interesting quotes from the creator of the WingMakers site that can give us an idea of what lies within: “I am a multidimensional being who lives simultaneously in a spectrum of realities. In my dominant reality I am known as Mahu Nahi, (page 54) in your world I am known as James.” (Note: James, as our regular readers know, is the anonymous author of the WingMakers site). Another quote from James: “The Soul may simultaneously inhabit a thousand human bodies spread across 200,000 years of linear time.”

This is what awaits us. The full integration of our 1,000 divine sparks. Our full integration. This state of consciousness, state of Being, is known by the name, Sovereign Integral. Scroll down to the definition in the WingMakers glossary link (it’s the 4th definition). I see myself more and more as your navigator through WingMakers. Directing you, simplifying their message about our origin and destiny and finding transformation techniques for you to apply.

The sensory data streams of music, art and poetry of the WingMakers material is primarily for the first three generations of the 21st century. These sensory data streams are encoded with vibrations of light and sound to awaken our Higher Self, our Sovereign Integral.  Considering each generation to be 20-25 years, one Sovereign Integral will be realized in the first 25 years of the 21st century. This Sovereign Integral will be the catalyst for 1,000 Sovereign Integrals to realize themselves from 2026-2050 and then from 2051-2075 a million Sovereign Integrals will be realized.  When the Grand Portal (scroll to 8th definition) is discovered around 2080, which is the irrefutable scientific discovery of the human soul, there will be a very receptive audience waiting, receiving, embracing and spreading the beauty of this discovery throughout our planet.

And for those of us born before 2000, here’s our destiny. Many of us will reincarnate over the next 100 years. No one will be left behind from the experience of the Golden Age that has been prophesied and is oh so close.

In our next blog we will explore the techniques of transformation contained in the music, art and poetry of the WingMakers.

Mark Riesenberg, founder of Human Resources Unlimited, is a business and spiritual coach, author of How to Stop Whining and Start Winning and a renowned keynote, workshop leader and speaker. His second book, Where Success & Spirit Meet, will be published in 2009. Click here for a partial client list and for testimonials.


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