Wingmakers: My 4th Event String – Educating the World About the Universal Shift

Get ready to read the most inspiring page you have ever read in your life at The Soul Connection Network. There are some incredible statements on this page, words that resonate deep within my own soul as Truth, as a beautiful, inspiring Truth. A message of good news, of great news for all of us. Here are some examples:

“The irrefutable scientific discovery of the human soul…an actual event that awaits humanity in the last quarter of the century.”

“The scientific proof that establishes the eternal soul as the fundamental identity of human beings is the crowning achievement of human evolution.”

“Its arrival is estimated to be near the year 2080.”

” The Grand Portal is the discovery that humanity has been evolving towards for the past 11,000 years.”

“…when the soul is discovered and verified in the most respected scientific laboratories on the planet, it is THE defining moment for the species.”

“…a portal of awareness into the multi-dimensional universe that demonstrates that humanity is not an isolated patch of life, but rather is part of an incredibly diverse assemblage of life forms that span multiple universes and dimensions.”

And that’s just the first three paragraphs! We are on the brink of fulfilling our destiny as a species. It may be hard to believe, based on what we read, see and hear in the media, but we are about to experience the limitlessness that many of our brightest have been talking and writing about for centuries. Next week we’ll look into the OLIN Technology and the Sovereign Integral Network that will lead and integrate us with the universal community.


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