Wingmakers: The Most Incredible Website I Have Ever Explored

Event Strings – wonderful serendipitous occurrences that have improved and enriched my life. Five events in 49 days, January 30-March 18, 2008 (seven weeks exactly) that have positively, and over the rest of my life, will profoundly impact who I am and how I live and express myself. Of all my event strings, finding out about the Wingmakers material will prove to be the most powerful of them all.

And like all of the previous event strings and the fifth one to be revealed in a future blog it started out with an innocent enough introduction – lunch with a friend, Don Campbell, at Uno’s Pizza.

Don started talking about this incredible site he had been exploring, Wingmakers, that had over a thousand free downloadable pages. He said that the description of the six virtues of the heart and how we’re shifting from a mind-centered to a love-centered planet was its central message.

It all resonated as Truth for me. It was exciting visiting the site but I didn’t know where to start. I called Don and he told me to click on Download (Wingmakers homepage, top right), and scroll down a little to two, fourteen page downloads, The Energetic Heart and The Art of the Genuine. I found them great places to start and I recommend that you start there.

In the next blog I’ll direct you beyond the six virtues of the heart to the two most inspiring pages I have read in decades. Two pages that will give you insights into who we are and where we’re going. Get ready for The Soul Connection Network and The Grand Portal.

Note: My commitment continues to be to give you a 2-3 minute read filled with fascinating and compelling material. That read does not include the links which make it a longer read. The blogs on WingMakers will contain links that I encourage you to explore.


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